Aptitude Topic Wise Short Cut Tricks Hand Written Notes 24 PDFs – Download Now


Aptitude Topic Wise Short Cut Tricks Hand Written Notes : for SSC, RRB, Bank Exams, any competitive exams You can download pdf from direct link provided in this article. This PDFs are shared by OUR STUDY CIRCLE Member (Srinivas) Thanks to Him For sharing…

  1. Download Here Mental Multiplication 
  2. Download Here Square, Cube, Square root and Cube Roots
  3. Download Here LCM, HCF, Rationals, Fractions
  4. Download Here Simplification Problems
  5. Download Here Percentages 
  6. Download Here Addition, Subtraction, Division
  7. Download Here Ratio and Proportion 
  8. Download Here Profit and Loss
  9. Download Here Simple and Compound Interest 
  10. Download Here Train Problems 
  11. Download Here Speed Time and Distance 
  12. Download Here Time and Work
  13. Download Here Algebra
  14. Download Here Mixtures and Allegations
  15. Download Here Averages 
  16. Download Here Problems on Ages
  17. Download Here Pipes and cisterns
  18. Download Here Calendars and Clocks
  19. Download Here Area and Perimeter 
  20. Download Here Surface area and Volumes
  21. Download Here Trigonometry
  22. Download Here Data Interpretation 
  23. Download Here Probability  
  24. Download Here Concepts of Geometry 

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