Did The Spirit Of The Indian Republic Is Fading Away?

Did The Spirit Of The Indian Republic Is Fading Away?

What is a republic?
A Republic(from Latin res publica Res means king public means publics which means the king is elected by people directly are indirect) is a form of a government in which “supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives”.In republics, the country is considered a “public matter”, not the private property of the rulers. so on this day, (26 Jan)people of India give themselves a Constitution which tries to achieve a definite shape of the aspirations of the people for a sovereign, socialist, secular democratic republic through provisions like the fundamental rights of all citizens. In a country of subcontinental proportions, the ideas mentioned in the Preamble of the Constitution must extend to all levels of governance. The overall emphasis on equality in the Constitution is visible in all arrangements made around the constitution and this called  spirit of the republic 

Yet, if we keep our eyes open, we begin to feel the hollowness of this power, and realise that the Republic is wounded. It seems that the spirit of the Republic is disappearing with heightened socio-economic inequality, a widespread network of corruption and visible signs of rising authoritarianism. In other words, despite the aura of techno-military power, ours is a morally and spiritually wounded parliamentary republican country with other major challenges like 

Money influence in elections & criminalisation of politics 

The cherished ideal of the Republic — seems to have lost its meaning for two reasons. First, for all practical purposes, it has been reduced to the ritualisation of periodic elections. However, democracy as a way of life — the ability to live with the plurality of worldviews, the spirit of politico-intellectual freedom to question the government, and the art of dialogue and negotiation — is seldom seen as an anti-nationalRole of mediaSecond, in an age that has caused the standardisation of public imagination because of the huge propaganda machinery and the ever-growing industry of fake news and information, it is not easy for an average voter to be guided by an informed opinion and clear thinking. because there are many wrong opinions are created on his mind by many societal reflections.

Not only it but money transforms everything into its opposite —,  dishonesty into efficiency, crude business into service, and cultural/psychic morbidity into social pragmatism, not only does its money monetise the soul of a person itself by seeing all this young generation thinking that will the Indian Republic has its moral power to change the situation of gross inequality and injustice in India? but I surely assure Indian republic has the potential to change every evil that India is facing today 


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