Electrical Engineering Optional Printed Notes PDF By NPTEL

Electrical Engineering Optional Printed Notes PDF By NPTEL  Now you have made up your mind to become IAS officer and looking for the books and study materials to achieve your goal. Well, you are on the right page. Now We are Sharing With You Electrical Engineering Optional Printed Notes PDF By NPTEL

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Sl.NoChapter NameEnglish
1Basic Electrical TechnologyDownload
2Passive ComponentsDownload
4Kirchoff’s LawDownload
5Modelling of CircuitDownload
6Modeling of Circuit Part 2Download
7Analysis Using MatLabDownload
8Sinusoidal steady stateDownload
9Transfer Function and Pole Zero domainDownload
10Transfer function & pole zeroDownload
11The SinusoidDownload
12Phasor Analysis Part 1Download
13Phasor Analysis Part 2Download
14Power FactorDownload
15Power portsDownload
16Transformer Basics Part 1Download
17Transformer Basic Part 2Download
18Transformer Basics Part 3Download
19The Practical Transformer Part 1Download
20Transformer Part 2Download
21The Practical Transformer Part 3Download
22DC Machines Part 1Download
23DC Machines Part 2Download
24DC Generators Part 1Download
25DC Generators Part 2Download
26DC Motors Part 1Download
27DC Motors Part 2Download
28DC Motor Part 3Download
29Three Phase System Part 1Download
30Three Phase System Part 2Download
31Three Phase System Part 3Download
32Three Phase System Part 4Download
33Three Phase Transformer Part 1Download
34Three Phase Transformer Part 2Download
35Induction Motor Part 1Download
36Induction Motor Part 2Download
37Induction Motor Part 3Download
38Induction Motor Part 4Download
39Synchronous MachineDownload

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