Ravi Jain AIR – 9 (CSE-2019) Psychology Optional Notes PDF

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Ravi Jain AIR – 9 (CSE-2019) Psychology Optional Notes PDF

  Paper 01: 

  1. Introduction – Download Here
  2. Psychological Research Methods – Download Here
  3. Development in Human Behavior – Download Here
  4. Sensation Attention and Perception – Download Here
  5. Learning – Download Here
  6. Memory – Download Here
  7. Thinking and Problem Solving – Download Here
  8. Motivation and Emotion – Download Here
  9. Intelligence and Aptitude – Download Here
  10. Personality – Download Here
  11. Attitudes,Values and Interests – Download Here
  12. Language and Communication – Download Here
  13. Issues & Perspectives in Modern Contemporary – Download Here

  Paper 02: 

  1. Psychological Measurement of Individual Differences – Download Here
  2. Psychological well being and Mental Disorders – Download Here
  3. Therapeutic Approaches – Download Here
  4. Work Psychology and Organisational Behavior – Download Here
  5. Application of Psychology to Educational Field – Download Here
  6. Community Psychology – Download Here
  7. Rehabilitation Psychology – Download Here
  8. Application-of-Psychology-to-disadvantaged-groups – Download Here
  9. Psychological problems of social integration – Download Here
  10. Application of Psychology in Information Technology and Mass – Download Here
  11. Psychology and Economic development – Download Here
  12. Application of psychology to environment and related fields – Download Here
  13. Application of psychology in other fields – Download Here
  14. Psychology of Gender – Download Here

Other Notes:

  1. Psychology Paper 1 Definition  – Download Here
  2. Psychology Paper 2 Definition – Download Here
  3. Psyco – Diagrams – P1 – Download Here
  4. Psyco – Diagrams – P2 – Download Here

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