Round-up Of International Affairs In 2021 You Must Know For Government Jobs Preparation

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Government jobs are important because they provide stability to the economy. They also offer a number of benefits to employees, including job security, good pay and benefits, and a strong retirement package. Additionally, government jobs offer a unique opportunity to serve the community and country.

Equally important is the preparation for government jobs. Hence, the need for staying updated with international and national; news is important. For example, to prepare for upcoming TSPSC notifications, a candidate must know the developments taking place in the international arena. Hence, It is important to look at some of the events the effects could be seen, be it the political scenario, economic repercussions, or simply wave of change in countries.

The new US president, Joe Bidden’s foreign policy, is spreading democracy

Just as Joe Biden took over as US president in 2021, all eyes were on his agenda forward as far as the foreign policy of the country is concerned. The US is featuring itself as a democracy and peacebuilding nation; however, Biden’s main aim is to contain China and its expansionist policies towards Taiwan in the East and restrict its Chinese influence on Japan in the East and India in Ladakh. It also restricted the mischief of North Korea. His foreign policy aims to get back into agreements and treaties for the betterment of the country.

Withdrawal of the US forces from Afghanistan

The US seems to have got stuck up in Afghanistan. To date, no country, be it Britain in the 19th century or USSR in the 20th, has really been able to subdue the volatile people of Afghanistan. The US success also depended largely on land cum sea routes through Pakistan. However, after the assassination of Osama Bin Laden, Pakistan did not cooperate with the US, and there was no land route for the US to get out, except by airlift. Thus, leaving their heavy equipment behind in Afghanistan.

The Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, and there was a fear of famine and hunger in the country. Pakistan, who wanted to exploit the situation, found that the Taliban did not listen to them and nor did they accept the Durand Line as an international border with Pakistan. India provided medical aid, including covid vaccine and food supply through Pakistan. It was a major victory for India’s foreign policy.

Boycott of the Winter Olympics in China in 2021

To contain Chinese influence in the South China Sea and its neighbouring countries, a quad was formed consisting of the US, Australia, Japan, and India. Thus limiting Chinese influence in this part of the Pacific region. Since the political tension between the US and its allies, vis-a-vis China, grew, The allies decided to boycott the Winter Olympics to be held in Peking. The history repeated itself when the western world had boycotted the Olympics in the ’80s.

First-Ever Indian Origin As Vice President Of The US

Ever since the US gained its independence,

The Indians in the US political circles have gained tremendous status and will ultimately help to build USA’s policies that could be positive towards India. This has been possible because of the growing influence of PM Modi in the US.

Covid-19 devastated the health and economy of the world in 2021

The origin of Covid -19 was found out to be from China due to a medical experiment that had gone astray. It devastated the entire world, causing millions of casualties. Surprisingly, the USA, which is the most advanced nation, technically suffered maximum casualties. This brought all the countries of the world, and they were able to pin down China as the main culprit for this origin. Fortunately, the leading scientist of the world worked on an antiviral vaccine, and India played a major role in the same. In Addition, India was able to distribute free vaccines to its immediate neighbor’s vis Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan, and the Maldives. This has raised India’s prestige, and the country has agreed to distribute 5 billion vaccines to countries of the world.

Natural Disasters were due to Climate changes.

Due to various reasons, the earth is heating up. This has resulted in glaciers melting throughout the world. If this is not controlled, certain coastal areas across the globe will go underwater. A case in point is the danger to Bangladesh. In addition, the tsunamis that are occurred at regular intervals in Japan, Indonesia have caused tremendous loss of life. The US has suffered a lot of casualties due to typhoons that have occurred along its southern coastal regions. This has compelled countries all over the world to unite and combat these disasters through the provision of monetary funds and medical aid. Various institutions of the world like the IMF have played a major role in easing the suffering of the people.

Seeds of Ukraine-Russia Tussle sown

The flashpoint that could lead to a world war, including a hollow nuclear cast, could germinate owing to political tensions between Ukraine and Russia. After the break-up of the USSR, NATO countries are attempting to establish their hold on Ukraine and thus contain the growing influence of Russia. The Russians did not like it as the original aim of Nato was to contain communism as Russia is a growing democracy and would not like to be dubbed as a communist.

Hostility between Ukraine -Russia is bound to affect the deployment of naval forces in the black sea and through Dardanelles onto the Mediterranean sea. Crimea plays an extremely important role in this political setup.

Internet Explorer Discontinued

In order to bring changes and updates to the internet browser, Microsoft has discontinued and unplugged the old internet explorer. With issues pertaining to speed, the outdated explorer has been stopped. This move has been made to bring about a change in the technological front.

The Internet browser that was almost as old as the Internet itself was finally plugged off by the parent company. Microsoft finally decided to put down Internet Explorer, formally marking an end to the long-outdated browser.

Microsoft will now promote Microsoft Edge, which will work in line with the present technological requirements and support modern-day websites and applications on the internet.


With such major events that started in 2021, the repercussions are still on. The role of International relations has been increasing in bringing peace, urging countries to reach out and support each other. While some events showed results in 2021 itself, others have extended till the present. With such updates, candidates preparing for government jobs and other exams stay informed about major news of the world and succeed!

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