Sampada Trivedi (AIR-79 CSE-21) Notes and Philosophy Strategy

Sampada Trivedi (AIR-79 CSE-21) Notes and Philosophy Strategy PDF Download

Sampada Trivedi (AIR-79 CSE-21) Notes and Philosophy Strategy, Today We are sharing with you notes and study materials to achieve your goal. Well, you are on the right page. Now We are Sharing With You Sampada Trivedi (AIR-79 CSE-21) Notes and Philosophy Strategy

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Sampada Trivedi (AIR-79 CSE-21) Notes and Philosophy Strategy
Sampada Trivedi (AIR-79 CSE-21) Notes and Philosophy Strategy

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Sampada Trivedi (AIR-79 CSE-21) Notes:

Sampada Trivedi (AIR-79 CSE-21) Philosophy Strategy

Hello. This is Sampada Trivedi, AIR 79, CSE-2021. My optional was Philosophy. I scored 280 marks in the optional. Here I would be sharing my optional strategy, common mistakes and tricks to earn brownie points. So here goes.

My Booklist:


Workplan is something which is innately personal. And rightly so, because our mental capacities, concentration power, attention span, all vary.
Thus i would provide only suggestions on what should be included in a day to keep the preparation wagon moving.

• Read/revise the subjects paper wise. That is how the exam works and it would also reduce confusion. Thorough revision becomes easier.
For ex- start with PAPER1 modern india, ancient india, world history etc

• Since there is one whole year before the next prelims exam, the reading should be mains oriented

• Make your own timelines and pace. Keep them fluid with some extra days in reserve to complete a subject. Try to abide by these timelines.

•Make your own notes. This is something which i did not do and i paid heavily. Note making makes it easier to revise as well as helps in creating mind maps that you can reproduce in the exam directly. Ill share note making techniques shortly.

• Read newspaper daily. Cannot stress this enough. Most questions in prelims are directly lifted from newspaper and not covered through monthly current affairs magazine. Newspaper reading also helps immensely in developing viewpoints on important issues which is important fir mains and interview stage.

• Finally make answer writing a habit. It is a skill and needs to be honed. There is no best time than today to start writing answers. The more you write, the better prepared you are for the endgame that is Mains.
Ill share my answer copies shortly. You can see how to start.
You can also see answer copies of other toppers to get an idea as well as to assess the quality and gaps in your answer writing.
Write 3-4 answers daily. It does not matter how bad they are or how much time you take. Just keep practicing. They would certainly get better.

All the best????

Strategy for Philosophy optional:

Sharing strategy for Philosophy optional. I know that Philosophy as an optional sounds like a tough decision. It is something entirely new, written in a foreign language that scares us off.
But once you get to understand it, it is a beautiful subject that would also open you towards lifelong learning and thinking.
For UPSC, Philosophy optional comes with certain advantages:
• It has a very compact syllabus, spanning 4-5 books on the minimum side.
• It is more or less static, that is not expanding on the basis of current events.
• The language and concepts help immensely in Paper 4, Ethics.
• the philosophy part of Essay paper is also covered by it.

You can give a thought if you are uncertain about your optional. Read PYQs, syllabus and some basic material online to make your decision.

How to make notes:

This is understandably the tricky part. How to make notes, what to include, what to omit and how to revise.
I did not make much notes of my own. Which is why i scored lower in my Mains 2019. Notes help in revising faster with deadlines and reproducing the topic if a question comes directly.
• Prioritise. Use pyq’s to see what topics and areas are frequent. Ex- American revolution and french revolution impact
•Pick topics that have been asked previously and you are not comfortable writing on them. Ex- tribal and peasant movements in 20th century India
•Try to answer The what, The why, The how and the impact of any topic.
Ex- on French revolution you can write a basic introduction as what, the reasons as why, course of events as how and consequences of it on modern world.
•Write in bullet points, flowcharts etc to create a mind map which is easy to remember and revise.
•Similar exercise can be done with notes of Current affairs. Choose topics sparingly and make notes of that which can include statistics, reasons, issues, consequences and way forward. Ex- a good article on agriculture, or NPA issue of Banking, etc
Youll know which topics are important as you get deep into preparation and through newspaper reading.
• Add current affairs to your notes wherever applicable. Ex- on topic of parliament you can add recent issues in functioning from newspaper reading.

Sharing some samples of my notes. These are not perfect and lot of room for improvement. Be creative.
Since you have a lot of time till next Prelims, make this exercise a routine.

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