Siva Gopal Reddy Rank-263,UPSC CSE 2019 Handwritten Notes PDF

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I can remember june 2nd 2019, the day I have given my prelims. After exam I am very much confident that i will going to write my first mains.So, it would be better to start the strategy by analyzing what I have done for prelims 2019. I think that may works for this prelims also.
I will analyse the things from my daily schedule.The best thing which i have done is that i have changed some of my daily routines.and my routine is as follows,

Time                      Location

5-5:15am                 wake up
          6-10:30 am              Reading room
                        11am -1pm              giving test at test center
1pm-3:30pm            ———-
                                                       3:30pm-9:30 pm      at my mentors room-discussion and studying
  around 10:30pm       go to bed

I think this is only schedule i have executed perfectly in my life till now and i got best results out of it. though it never been my habit of waking up in the morning but forcibly i adopted it but after some days i really liked it.waking up in the early morning is the one thing which worked for me perfectly on the day of examination.And this time also I am following the same plan with little modifications.
NOTE: my room partner used to say that we should have two places to study for long hours. That’s why I have choose reading room and my mentors room(my study place).


I can divide this section into two parts. one is static and another one is related to current affairs.

Static book-list:
Polity- Laxmikanth
Art and Architecture-My notes
Economics- My notes+ Sriram’s IAS Economy material
Geography- NCERT+ GC Leong
Environment-My notes

Current affairs:
i) My notes prepared out of newspapers
ii)Learning space revision modules
iii) Any one of the institutes prelims quick revision materials(GS Score,ForumIAS,VisionIAS etc.)
iv) Economic Survey Gist by VISION IAS

and finally taking the test papers of any of one good institute and solving it. I should solve at least 50 questions daily.

NOTE: Number of revisions of the above sources increases the score in the exam.

Self discipline is a key ingredient to success

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