UPSC Optional Electrical Engineering Circuit Theory Notes PDF

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S.NoTopicsLecture Notes
01Introduction and lumped abstractionPDF }
02Basic circuit analysis methodPDF }
03Superposition, Thévenin and NortonPDF }
04The digital abstractionPDF  }
05Inside the digital gatePDF  }
06Nonlinear analysisPDF  }
07Incremental analysisPDF  }
08Dependent sources and amplifiersPDF  }
09MOSFET amplifier large signal analysisPDF  }
10Amplifiers – small signal modelPDF  }
11Small signal circuitsPDF  }
12Capacitors and first-order systemsPDF  }
13Digital circuit speedPDF  }
14State and memoryPDF  }
15Second-order systemsPDF  }
PDF  }
16Sinusoidal steady statePDF  }
17The impedance modelPDF  }
18FiltersPDF  }
19The operational amplifier abstractionPDF  }
20Operational amplifier circuitsPDF  }
21Op-amps positive feedbackPDF  }
22Energy and powerPDF  }
23Energy, CMOSPDF  }
24Power conversion circuits and diodes{ PDF }
25Violating the abstraction barrierPDF  }

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